I thought of making hajj related activity pack for kids but could not execute the plan, Qadr Allah. I will be sharing the things we will be doing this year in sha Allah for hajj 2020.

Story of zamzam 

A classic story to tell how much dear Allah was to Prophet Ibrahim AS that he left his baby Ismael AS and wife Hajra in the desert. He did not ask question, no ifs and buts. Utter submission to the command of Allah. This is why he is titled as Khalil Ullah out of his devotion, submission and tawakul in Allah.

When he left them both there, his wife did not fret nor frown but remained stead fast as she knew Allah will take care of her and the baby. The baby soon started to cry for water in the hot scorching desert. The mother ran seven times from hill safa to hill marwa searching for water (this is known as Sa’ee and it is why we also run between the two hills to follow the sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim) when she heard the sound of water. A spring gushed out by the will of Allah. She said zumzum (stop stop) as the water so gushing with full speed. When there is water, there is life. Later people started to join her and soon there a village was formed.

We will be revising the concept of well and will review our hand made well. How water is drawn from the well.?



Learn about importance of water!

Water is life. One can survive few days without food but not without water. Do not waster water and conserve it. HE peace be upon him asked us to not to waster water even for wudu. A human’s body is made up of 70% of water. Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Study the water cycle. I have downloaded freebie from Teachers pay teachers. Will be doing the water cycle in detail in sha Allah.

14 The Water Cycle

Power point slides from Teachers’s pay teachers





Learn about desert- land forms

Imaan homeschool offers free, wonderful worksheets. You can take the information according to your child’s age and interest.

Deserts Interactive Notebook


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