Lift the veil of hypocrisy

Don’t take credit for the things you have not done or posses. Allah hates those who say the things that they do not do. Be a human of your words

I was so dead tired that I could not drag more. Drained energy and yelling kids were driving me nuts. I mopped the floor for the last time and now intended to just lay down when I heard the doorbell. And here are they at 12:00 pm. Guests-unwanted at that mere point.
Saba my bhabi entered kitchen with a sparking smile, “hey Osman’s mamo family is here!”
Me: “I know” with all the sadness of world.
Saba: “tsshh…very bad, guests are Allah’s blessing. Don’t make that fish face and let’s prepare something.”
She further added, “by the way, they have no ethics, going to someone at this time is so ill mannered. They have disturbed sleep and time. Now I have to listen to their lame jokes and stupid talks…*sigh*
Me:” I know, but I am too tired. You know I have been standing for too long, it’s my last trimester and I can no more stands.”
Saba: “you better sit and can easily work while sitting, here grab a chair.”
She passed me a chair graciously. Then she went to the drawing room. I could hear her chirping, cheerful voice and the amount of love and care, she was showering.
“Oh no, I love you all and enjoy your company. My kids were asking for you the other day.”
“And you never disturb, it is your home.”
She is the most favorite and loving daughter in law of this family-immediate and extended both.
She is always like this. She knows how to talk sugary stuff and to make situation and words in her favor. She would take credit of my hard work, cooking and would enjoy praise.
It is such a sinking feeling. When you are putting in effort and you are the one who is being unnoticed. Empty handed, waiting for some kind words and praise. This taught me that people believe what you say and show; they have no time to look through the eyes and see what lies in your heart. It is truly said that what you see in what you get in marketing. The more you bombarded viewers and potential buyers with your product, likelihood of its sale increases. Similarly, the more sugary you sound, the more they love and believe you.
I was in a state of dilemma. Whether to be people pleasure or please Allah? Whether to be truthful or to be hypocrite? Whether to be called backward because of veil or to be social and likable without veil?
Then I did what I usually do. I performed ablution and then I randomly opened Quran. Whenever I face trouble, or feel overwhelmed. I do this. Believe me, I always get an answer related to my query and when I don’t, I keep opening randomly till I get solution to my problem. Yes Allah talks to me. Indeed Quran is for all generations and for all time.
The Surah I landed this time was Surah As Saaf. The ayah stated:

[61:3] O ye who believe! why do you say what you do not do?

[61:4] Most hateful is it in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do.

Quran is blessing
Yes the more I try to connect, the more it beautifies my inner being. I got the answer- I must not say things that I don’t do. We often say things that we do not mean, just to gains social approval. It is a sin in Allah’s eye. When we start to live the ayah we have read, it clears out the dusty patches of doubt and concern.

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