What can we do with kids in these blessed days of hajj?

  1. Create an ambiance of hajj with little bit decor (such as balloons, chart papers etc) because it will add value to the importance of these days in the sight of your child. The first rule is to be always do it yourself. When your own heart is in love with Allah and is eager to follow the sunnah, your children will follow your footsteps more than your advice.

2. Make your hajj story board and talk about the salient features of each place and rituals performed. Like Maqam e Ibrahim has Prophet Ibrahim AS footprints and the prints are huge.

3. Make good deeds chart. Discuss the acts which are good, make a list and add to the chart accordingly. Like we talked about being kind. Kindness is a good deed. We did an activity where i gave them cotton and a rough object and asked them tot ouch it with their hands. How does it feel? The cotton felt soft and the rough object was harsh. This is how kindness works. kind and nice work felt soft to someones heart while harsh and rude talks hurts the hearts of the listener.

4.  Recite takbeer out loud. Mention about Hazrat Umar radi tallah unhu and his bravery. Mention his incident of reciting takbeer in market places.

3.  Fast on the day of Arafa. Recite Takbeer. Talk to kids bapout Satan and his mischief and bad whispers. Read hum shaitan ko bhugayege nasheed. Kids find it so fun.

6.  Review Surah Fi’l and its teachings. friends of Allah Surah Fi’l

We have made a rhyme based on this Surah.

I am fi’l

I stomp my feet

I will go and destroy the Ka’bah

Abraha is my King

Abraha is my king

He ordered me to go and destroy the Ka’bah

Then what happened?

Allah sent the Ababeel up from the heaven

Each Ababeel had three pebbles

One is beak and two in claws

When Ababeel threw the pebbles

The mighty elephants laid on the ground

 Abraha was sad to see 

That all his mighty elephants

Are no longer good to go

This is how Allah saved His house

From the mischief of Abraha

Who ordered to destroy the Ka’bah


7.  Give Charity. The deeds are beloved so maximize in whatever you can do. Feed any one or give Sadaqah. Let kids do it with their own hands.

8. Take care of animals and be gentle with them.

9. Watch Hajj live and talk about it. It is so fun and mesmerizing to watch it live. After you have done your hajj story board, kids will be ready to find and match real pictures of the places you have just covered. Make it fun and exciting by offering little presents for the one who answers the most.

10.  Spend some time in dikhr. Ask them to recite Allah’s names.

hajj ritual printouts Download here

You can free download the pictures from here and make your own story board in sha allah!

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum Sarah
    From where can i find the urdu nasheed hum shetan ko bhagaayengay i am not finding it any where can u plz.share the link JazakAllah

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