We will be having these duas for the first ten days of Dhul Hijaah. Will be revising them till we memorize them in sha Allah.

Dua is the weapon of the believer. Guard yourself with the duas from the evil within and from the external sources.

The calendars are from darussalam.

We are humans and we are prone to make mistakes. So we should ask Allah to hold us and not to leave us even for the blink of an eye. We are dependent on Allah for HIS mercy.

Make dua for Affiah and from sudden Naghaani. We will be doomed if Allah is not pleased with us.

Difference between Halal and Haram. What is Qarz, what is Qarz e Hasana- beautiful loan!

Shaytan loves the believers who are sad, lazy and depress. So whenever the kids feel bored, irritated, sad, and lazy they shall recite this dua.

When kids find qaida to be difficult, when the mathematical operations haunts them, when they are scared of forgetting Quran, recite thus dua

Guard yourself from the whispers of Shaytan by reciting Surah Nas and this dua. 

What to do on these ten days?

We discussed the things that we will be doing these ten days. Which of the bad deeds we are going to slaughter this Eid ud Duha?

  1. Do not cut our nails or hair after crescent.
  2. Recite Takbeer
  3. Fast especially on the day of Arafat
  4. Run a marathon of Hasaanat (good deeds)
  5. Don’t tease the animals
  6. Repent and ask Allah for forgiveness
  7. Sacrifice the animal with pure niyyah because it is not your meat that reaches Allah but your intention and piety
  8. Keep neighborhood clean
  9. Manage your time, and control your anger,
  10. Be polite, fair, cheerful, a learner, patient and helpful.
  11. Involve in Dikhr
  12. Do qiyam ul lail
  13. Give sadaqah
  14. Do Nafl Ibadah

What is so special about these tend days?

  • These are the favorite days of Allah.
  • The deeds we do in these days are more beloved to Allah
  • Allah frees his slaves from fire on the day of Arafat
  • Allah swears by these ten days
  • Fasting on these days is equivalent to fasting a year; and standing every night of them (in Salaah) is equivalent to standing on the Night of Qadr.
  • Last Khutba (10 AH) of Prophet peace be upon him, perfected & completed religion.

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