For Ramadan, We will be doing a short talk daily. for the first day, We talked about the importance of the time of iftar.

Watching television is a big no from the time of Asr to Maghrib.

I told them about the incident when Prophet Musa AS asked Allah whether there is any other privileged one who can talk to Allah Subhano tallah like he does. Allah the Almighty replied to his querry that there will be a ummat of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him whose stomachs will be hurting from pangs of hunger, with dried lips they will ask me at the time of iftar and there will be no veil between me and them. There used to 70,000 veils between Allah and Prophet Musa AS when he used to address to him. The Prophet is known as the one who speaks to Allah!

They supplicated with me and was also mimicking me by having false tears while making dua 🙂

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