“If Migration is not done for the sake of Allah, it is not for Allah”,  said Islamic teacher. “It is all about intention,” he further added.

Since then i assumed intention (niyyah) is for those who migrated. Islamiat studies in our schools, colleges, and universities are bookish, they are not explanatory, they are not detailed neither we learn how to relate and implement the teachings in our life.

I always explain this to kids, action looses its worth if it is not backed by pure niyyah. I have not associated offering Salah with rewards and punishments. As Sir Salman Siddiqui have stated, Leaving Salah is a big loss, how would you react if your child has any physical loss? will you be angry or sad? You will be sad, and devastated!

We do not get angry because kids leave Salah, we get angry because they are not listening to us. We can not control their Salah, it will be done out of fear or greed. Intention to please Allah and to connect to Allah will be lost.

Allah loves the deeds which are small but consistent.

There was a man, who was offering Salah in Masjid. Two men entered the Masjid. They were so inspired by the man’s khushoo and devotion in Salah. They started to praise his Salah and the man started to delay more, long sujoods and rukoos. When he finished his Salah, he said to those men, “You know, I am also fasting.” The two men praised him more that how good his Salah was even with fasting.

Now Salah and fasting are the deeds which are fard and leaving them is a sin. The man was offering the Salah with devotion yet his deeds were wasted, do you know why? because his intentions were not pure. His intention was to gain their praise and not to please Allah.

I will be introducing the terms Riyyah and Excellence. When we help someone, give charity etc just to show off and flaunt our generosity for praise and fame, then this is Riyyah. We will be discussing the Surah Maun and will be memorizing it too in sha Allah. Ikhlas is to perform deeds with sincerity and to achieve a level of perfection.

We will be revising hadith on intention too.

Let’s focus on small deeds but with consistency and ikhlas by avoiding riyyah!

Be your own judge, judge your own actions.


do everything to please Allah

Every action is

only for Allah

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