Will be uploading the story of Musa AS and a board game to play. Trust me this will provoke their interest and will make them curious to learn more about the story, lessons learnt and characteristics of the Prophet Musa AS.

This is our favorite story as it is magical. This is the most detailed story with lots of possibility for crafts and fun activities. For instance,

  1. Dialogue delivery of the conversion took place between Musa AS and Allah Subhano tallah at the mount of tuwa.

2. Characteristics of cow mentioned by Allah.

3.Various duas and ayahs to be learnt pertaining to Bani Israel and Musa AS.

4. The nine miracles of Musa AS

5. The spitting of sea craft (paper, felt, or nay other material can be used)

6. The burning bush craft

7. The favors of Allah on Bani Israel

8. Baby Musa in the basket craft

9. Snake and radiant hand craft

10. The powerful dua of Musa AS

11. Sabt ka Qanoon

12. Unique punishment

13. human tends to forget (fish slip story)

14. Musa AS and khidr (the three incidents) craft.


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