A powerful eraser which erases each and every mark stain, this is the power of Astaghfar!

Once upon a time, there lived a remarkable eraser. It will erase all sorts of marks from pencil scribbles to pen naughty marks.However, the erase has some set guidelines to be followed. All those who want to rub their mistakes, needed to make a promise of trying not to make the mistake again. The eraser was popular among the kids with pure heart. It will vanish their mistakes in a blink. On the other hand, kids with the intention of making mistakes again and gain, find the eraser to be of no use.

I narrated this story to my kids to explain the power of Astaghfirullah! We have decided to make this dikhr part of our daily adhkaar.

What benefits this will dihkr will have?

  1. It will increase your toys.
  2. It will make you happy,
  3. It wont let you e anxious or sad,
  4. It will give baraqah so you can have lots of your favorites plus will make you owner of gardens in sha allah,
  5. Allah will make you stroong in every way,
  6. All of your wishes will be grnated by Allah Subhano Tallah.

We are fond of Qari Suhaib’s lecture so this lecture is right on spot.

I also narrated them story of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal. The dua of a baker and his dhikr of astaghfar made him meet the famous scholar. https://youtu.be/_ewixPiwf5o

link to the dua of astaghfar https://youtu.be/07zJ-c8R4Hk

As humans we all make mistakes. Some of the mistakes are made unintentionally and the others with intention. When the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him can make astgahfar despite being free from all flaws and errors. We are full of errands and must ask repentance from Allah on daily basis. Lets moist our tongues with their powerful remembrance.

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