Every child is born on fitrah and the love of Allah is naturally instilled in the heart of every believer child and or adult.To be a practicing Muslim, one must believe and love Allah (the creator), Prophet Muhammad  peace be upon him, Angels. All of the parts of Aqa’id are to be believed in.

The love of Prophet peace be upon him can be instilled in the hearts by narrating the seerah stories, learning and pondering over the sayings (ahadith).We have started to memorize twenty ahadith Thus year in sha Allah. Followed by craft and discussion.

This book, Hadith for kids written by Moulvi Abdul Aziz by darussalam is very interactive and colorful. The chosen Ahadith are short and illustrated.




They painted the hand drawn pictures. This specific hadith has three elements:



And Salah (prayers)

I drew these three and asked them to label and paint them.

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