Allahs oaths of his creation!

Allah takes oath of sun and its brightness

MOON – Allah swears about Moon and when it follows it

DAY – Allah swear about day and when it display it.

Allah swears by night and when it covers it.

Allah takes the oath of sky and he who has constructed it.

Allah takes oath of the earth and He who speads it

Allah takes oath of the soul and He who has proportioned it

Allah gave the unconscious sense of evil and good

He succeeded who cleanse the soul

He failed who fills the soul with corruption

Thamud denied Propher Saleh as because of their wickedness. Their evil side was strong

One bad man came forward to harm the miracle of Allah

Prophet Saleh AS asked them not to harm or prevent the she camel from drinking water

But Thamud denied the Prophet and c ripple the she camel by cutting her hamstring. Allah send them punishment, equal for all of them

He does not fear the consequences…





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