Read Between the lines…See what is hidden!

    READ BETWEEN THE LINES   I remember when I was in grade nine.  My English teacher gave us a comprehension. It was followed by series of question pertaining to that very specific composition. After reading it multiple times, I failed to grab an answer. I asked her, How to find the answers which […]

Let’s celebrate Ramadan!

As parents we must not force our toddlers to fast, offer taraweeh, nor they should be a given a lecture about halal and haram rather they must feel like it is a time to celebrate and have fun. when we start a new subject, we first have introductory part. no in depth analysis, nor complex […]

A Rational Ramadan Plan for Mommy and ME!

The fives of RAMADAN To all moms who value the nurture of their kid’s eemaan. Here is the rational plan for this Ramadan because we all know that you care for the tarbiyah of your kids. How can you not educate about the month which has got tremendous value and blessings. Make a plan Aim […]