The prerequisite and guidelines of fasting in the pious month of ramadan! Allah (swt) says in a Hadeeth Qudsi, ‘Every deed of the son of Adam is for him except fasting; it is for Me, and I shall reward for it…’ (Bukhari, Muslim) Allah (swt) singled out fasting for Himself from all other good deeds, because: […]

Lil people and Ramadan talks!

Toddlers need not to be told and explained the fiqh and rulings of fasting. They just need an adult who is in love with the following the commands of Allah and is eagerly waiting for the month of this blessed month – Ramadan. We tend to forget that kids do not remember what we say […]

Ramadan Lapbook

As the month of blessings is approaching. it is time to make our little buddies acquainted with some ramadan related vocabulary. With our younger toddlers, the need is to introduce ramadan and not to enforce any act of worship. Do not force them to pray, fast, and to stand for long qiyaams. Let their heart […]

Let’s celebrate Ramadan!

As parents we must not force our toddlers to fast, offer taraweeh, nor they should be a given a lecture about halal and haram rather they must feel like it is a time to celebrate and have fun. when we start a new subject, we first have introductory part. no in depth analysis, nor complex […]

Angel cursed 3 types of people

The prophet peace be upon was going to his mimbar for khutbah. On his first step he said aameen, repeated twice on the other two steps. The Sahabah were curious to know the reason of this unusual act. The prophet peace be upon him replied that The angel jibrael asked me to say aameen on […]

The battle of Badr

  The day of furqaan The great battle took place on the 17th of Ramadan. The pagans of Makkah outnumbered the Muslims in every way yet the victorious were the Muslims. It is because of the Taqwa they had. Allah helped the Muslims in four ways. Stay tuned for detailed story! Color and write the […]


Laylatul Qadr is also known as the night of power, and the night of blessing . All happy decisions are taken by Allah in this night. for example, how many toys we will have this following year, how many clothes, how close you will get to Allah etc. so many angels descend to earth and […]

A Rational Ramadan Plan for Mommy and ME!

The fives of RAMADAN To all moms who value the nurture of their kid’s eemaan. Here is the rational plan for this Ramadan because we all know that you care for the tarbiyah of your kids. How can you not educate about the month which has got tremendous value and blessings. Make a plan Aim […]