Surah Fi’l

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As Eid ud duha is around the corner, It is the right time to talk about this Surah. Holy Ka’bah has got immense importance. It is our Qibla where we face while we pray. The house of Allah that بيت الله built by Prophet Ibrahim AS and his son Ismael AS.

Prophet Ibrahim’s family, his tale of submission, the sacredness of Ka’bah, sacrificing animals, eid ud duha celbration, our pillars of Islam. These all are connected.

How to teach these to kids in fun way?

Make elephants and ababeel masks. Ask your kids to role play the scene where Abraha is marching with his giant elephants to destroy the Ka’bah. Then comes Ababeel dropping stones at them. Narrate them the incident of Hazrat Abdul Mutallib and Abraha.

Points to ponder:

When Allah is by your side, your situation is win win. No matter how hard the time is, no matter who is against you. Never be scared by looking at big problems and scary enemies. Allah the Almighty has Supreme power to deal with anything. HE just says كن and things happen. And it is remarkable to see that the tiny birds destroy the whole army of elephants.

Surah Fi’l

We have made a rhyme based on this Surah.

I am fi’l

I stomp my feet

I will go and destroy the Ka’bah

Abraha is my King

Abraha is my king

He ordered me to go and destroy the Ka’bah

Then what happened?

Allah sent the Ababeel up from the heaven

Each Ababeel had three pebbles

One is beak and two in claws

When Ababeel threw the pebbles

The mighty elephants laid on the ground

 Abraha was sad to see 

That all his mighty elephants

Are no longer good to go

This is how Allah saved His house

From the mischief of Abraha

Who ordered to destroy the Ka’bah







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