What and where to start from?

I remember how much clueless I was with my first born when it was time to start Educational activities and learning. Time and experience have been my true mentors in the process. however, few things I have learnt can be generalized without being biased.

Firstly, there is no hard and fast rule for learning and teaching. Pick the clues your kid reveals about his/her interest. Some are interested in animals and their sounds while some are good at phonics. I have observed that there are few difference when it comes to gender and learning. Girls are more receptive to bookish and phonics stuff, rhymes, jingles are their favorites while boys being the blender without a lid have difficulty sitting and learning from book. Offer story telling learning, role plays etc for them if you find such difference in your too.

Never ever indulge yourself in excelling and winning from other kids as what your kids know by this age is a true depiction of a mother’s nurture and teaching. Don’t fell for this trap. And never force, curse your child to learn and rote learn. Engrave this quote in your heart.Image result for children reveal different packages quote no competition

I live by this notion, The more is the stimulus, the better the response. You don’t stop providing the information. Don’t worry if the outcome is apparent or not. Sing color rhymes, read books using sounds, recite small duas and first kalima, recite names of Allah, etc. you will be amazed to see How much they will learn via listening to you.

Use puzzles, and flash cards for alphabets, phonics, numbers etc. try to minimize screen time. Use of these along with books will instill the love for books and reading in sha Allah.

Use board with tracing (Urdu and English )alphabets, and numbers. This will save paper wastage and clutter. use board markers instead.

The flashcards can be downloaded from www.totschooling.net

Start with picture perception first. With younger kids from age one and above, colorful pictures will do wonders. Along with these cards, show similar object that cna be touched with hands and say it name out loud.

You can start two and three word blends once they have skilled their phonics.

while traveling, in kitchen, wherever you are, point out the objects say its start sounding first and then the whole word. Once the kid has learnt to match the word with object, ask him/her to go and touch it too. This will also enrich their vocabulary.

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