Few days back I came across this word minimalism and it captivated my attention. I realized the materiel things we hoard makes us more confined as our central of attention, our priority all things revolve around the things. like for instance, if I quote my own example. I ma fond of organizing. The more things I have, the more organizing accessories i have.It takes my whole day to arrange, rearrange, clutter, and surf internet to find ways to have more space and be organized.

How beautiful Islam is, Subhan Allah. It talks about being modrate and not exceed. This saves everyone. The holder being saved from wasting time and energy on worldly things and the receiver being saved from deprivation.

It waste my time and energy. whole purpose of productive day is lost. I mean this all is so worldly based.

So i called out kids for our halaqah session. A genius five year old, three year old naughty girl and my little baby a year old. I talked to them about my concern of being answerable to Allah foe having so many clothes in my closet which i don’t wear occasionally.

Me: Do you think it is fine to have so many things in hand while other kids outside are deprive of basic things?

Five year old: Maa, the kid who sells balloon has dirty torn clothes.

Three year old: Allah did not give him gifts.

Me: so how about each of us take out three clothes from our cupboards which are good in condition?

And to my surprise kids were so excited and they were ready to even pick their most favorite dresses.

Five year old: Maa I am taking this pant, this shirt will go along. and i saw him keeping under pants and socks along:)

My heart was inspired with awe!

We packed the attires, along with shoes.

Five year old: shall we take out some toys too?

The elder kids insisted to gift wrap toys to which I refused saying that when they will open and see the used toys they will feel bad.To this he brought his hot favorite brand new car which becomes robot and packed it himself and said I am a good boy!

My heart melt out to see this gesture. being a kid he did not even wait for a second nor was confuse about giving. My three years old followed the brother’s example and she also brought brand new toy to be wrapped.

A resolution being made. This last fast of this month, we decided the following;

  1. Will keep our desires limited by doing a control check whether we really need it or it is just a want?
  2. Taking out a good condition suit when got a new one.
  3. Keeping things assorted in boxes which we generally don’t use and if there is no need in a week, lend it in charity.
  4. Listening and reading to stories of being generous and its virtues to make ourselves down to earth.
  5. To feel empathy towards everyone around.


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