Toddlers need not to be told and explained the fiqh and rulings of fasting. They just need an adult who is in love with the following the commands of Allah and is eagerly waiting for the month of this blessed month – Ramadan.

We tend to forget that kids do not remember what we say but never forgets what we do. So this is all how we model our actions for this pious month.

As I have mentioned earlier in my previous post that when a new subject is introduced, the first chapters are about introductory level. Similarly, for introducing ramadan, we must not jump to do’s and dont’s.

  1. Start with a warm welcome just like you honor your VIP guests at home.
  2.  Do a small decor. No need to be fancy.
  3. Narrate them stories of cave of hira, battle of badr, conquest of makkah, night of power, fasting of companions of prophet peace be upon him, hadith pertaining to fast etc.
  4. Engage them in fun activities which are educational too such as make a Q tip maze, painting, Arabic alphabets ludo rehearsal.
  5. Offer them presents and reward them for their good behavior. I have planned to give after every three days. For the first saum, they got makeup kit. One gift for three of them to instill sharing, and playing together.

6. Ask them to make a calendar for ramadan. I repeat again, no need to be fancy. Ask them to color the last ushra. Explain them that looking for laylatul qadr and making best use of this night can get us so may rewards and lot of gifts in jannah al firdous.

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