Tallked about what is Jannah, how can we attain it, how Adam and Eve AS were sent from heaven.
Dunya is a prison for Mumin (hadith). We will be tested with trials.

In this time of hour,:
1. We must not panic but focus on things that can take us to our home (Jannah).
2. Repent and raise hands in duas.
3. We must take care of our body by eating healthy and boosting our immunity as it is Allah’s amanah.
4. Help the ones in need as much as we can.
Offer Salatul Tahujjud at once a at least with kids. To make them realize the power of Allah, miracle of dua and the need to be submissive.
5. Recite the duas to attain Jannah.
6. Recite Surah Ikhlas to build house in Jannah.
7. Recite tasbeeh to have trees in Jannah.


We also covered plants that are mentioned in the Quran, their benefits are immense as Allah has taken Oath by their names.

Discuss that there is Jannah after death and a chance to meet Allah. Make kids long for Jannah. Make them fall in love with the mere name of Jannah.

Reading and writing were based on this topic. Read book of Zayd.

Corona Virus or any other disease is not a concern, concern is that our protector is angry with us. It is time to make him happy again.

We recite kalima, we claim to be Muslims but our we really behaving like a Muslim, or a Momin??
Club started in Makkah, now doors of Haram are closed. People were involved in acts of shame, avoiding Fard and Sunnah. It is not a trial for non Muslims. It is for us who claim to be something and behave like someone else


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