Summer vacations is a time of connecting again with kids and travel on the road of learning with ease. however, it is not easy as it sounds. I means kids home all day is not without the regular fights, said this did that complains.

Vacations doesn’t mean that there will be no learning and it makes the learning more productive if the subjects are integrated as one.

We started sentences formation and we did the Ramadan related one. It is said books are to introduced especially the pictorial ones so kids build this skill of pictorial perception. This enhances the child’s visual skills, make him more keen observer and also add to his vocabulary list.

I was so delighted when he grasped the third pic as the night of power as he was bombarded with the information thousands times prior. In his memory, a pic depicting stars and moon with a person in sujood is the night of blessings.

We have got ample amounts of comprehensions and pictures related to random things but fewer options related to Islamic one. It is the time to ponder if the regular study material is replaced with the Islamic ones, wont it be more productive and enriching? enhancing Islamic knowledge and literature plus language related things simultaneously?

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