Cleanliness is only about outward hygiene? Can you be pure with dirty heart and bad thoughts?

When it is about hygiene, it is all about,

  1. Washing hands
  2. Brushing teethes
  3. Healthy eating
  4. Bathing
  5. Keeping surroundings clean
  6. Cover while you sneeze and the list goes on..

But have you every reflected what being pure calls for? It demands to be clean inside out. The outwards cleanliness can be achieved by applying the above mentioned details whereas, the inner purity can be achieved when you worship Allah and moist your tongue with His remembrance. Praying five times a day reminds me that you are under the command of Allah Subhao tallah and HE is watching you. This is to discipline your thoughts and actions.

There is a powerful dua known as by dua e noor. The reciter will get the noor(light) of Allah in his heart, soul, skin, eyesight etc. Have you ever witnessed a shining star, twinkling with brightness and illuminates the whole sky. Kids with pure heart and recitation of this dua will be bright. They will appear like stars when Angels view from the heavens. This will make Angels know that Allah’s beloved reside in this house. This dua is also good to learn about some Arabic vocabulary pertaining to body parts and opposites.

I have written a book themed The dirty lion, spreader of evil. In this story, a proud lion thinks highly of himself and gave wrong orders and spread unhygienic conditions. This alarmed Germy soldiers to attack and a campaign started by a wise bunny. The booklet has focused on the outward side of cleanliness, how germs spread and their types. In addition, it also highlights about the importance of message we convey which might result in our good or bad deeds multiplication depending upon the information provided.

The sessions include the inwards cleanliness and an activity inspired by the book, How fill is your bucket? This inspired me a lot, since then we are using these terms, Are you a bucket filler or A bucket dipper?

We made a jungle kinda, had lion and rabbit puppets and other jungle animals. narrated the story and it so was fun. Kids did this Straw blowing painting to make their germy and then we glued googly eyes.



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  1. MashaAllah i am really amazed by the way sarah tries to connect little ones with Quran and hafith through her stories. The Dirty lion and the Bitter Honeybee are really well written. My daughter likes to losten to these stories over and over again. May Allah reward you abundantly for your effort sarah Khan. Eagerly waiting for the upcoming stories.

  2. The Dirty Lion and The Bitter Honeybee are my daughter’s all time favourite. I am really omoressed by the way how you’ve tried to connect a child to Quran and Sunnah through your cute stories. These are really well written from a child’s perspective and kids can easily relate to the characters in these stories. Eagerly waiting for your upcoming stories. Jazakillah khairan kaseera for your effort

    1. JazakAllahu Khairan
      you can view two more books titled as The Friend of Allah and Ramadan Gleam at

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