Hajj Rituals- How to explain it to lil ones?

Hajj word wall

Places and rituals word wall

Ihram– It is a special condition and just twp white sheets. In the state of ihram, few halal things become haram like cutting nails.

Saee- Running between two hills safa and marwa seven times is called saee.

Taqsir– cutting of hair is known as taqsir, while Halaq is shaving head.

Ramy– stonning shaitan at Jamarat is known as ramy.

Dhabh- slaughtering the animals.

Tawaf– circling the Ka’bah.

Waquf–  ‘standing’, this refers to the vigil that takes place from noon to sunset on the 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah.

Zam zam– Holy water. a well in Makkah has the spring erupted ages ago at the time of Baby Ismael AS.

Story time!



Surah Fi’l

Discuss Surah Fi’l as it is before the birth of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him’s birth, the incident of Abraha took place. Allah protected Kabah by little Ababeels. This is the miracle!

when Allah is by our side, the odds against us even does not matter.




Prophet Ibrahim AS

Discuss the story of Prophet Ibrahim AS and ponder over the lessons learnt. 

Smash your idols, concept of Tawakul, DIY catapult and a variety of story from the book, The friend of Allah!

How to make hajj rituals interactive and easy to learn?

1. Play hajj ritual sequence game. Download the hajj print outs, laminate and add velcro. Stick the cut outs on the right sequence number on the felt sheet.

2. Learn the words fro rituals, like ramy, saee, tawaf and rightly match the picture with correct name.

3. Add magnetic sheet at the back of printed cut outs and play i spy with my little eye. The child will say the name out loud. for example, you can say I spy with my little eye, somewhere we stand, where the satan cries…the child will say Arafat.

4. Make hajj model and play along. Like ask your child to wear Ihram, and then go to Kabah for tawaf, the child will circle the hajj model seven times, then go for saee and ask them to run between the two hills.

5. Story of Surah fi’l. 

6. Prophet Ibrahim AS story. 

7. Learn about the modes of transportation. Air, land, sea. How people used to travel in history and how did they naviigate?

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