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Lets talk to kids what Hijab is

  1. The benefits of taking hijab

2. Hijab is not for girls only but for boys too

3. Hijab is a girl’s crown and a boy’s pride!

4. Talk to them about the story of Prophet Adam AS

5. Boost their inner self worth with lots of true praise and appreciate their efforts for wearing hijab.

6. Tell them beauty is not confined to dresses and appearance but to soul and manners.

7. Make them feel special as they are chosen by Allah. Allah give hidayah whom HE pleases.

8. Hijab is not to beautify but to hide what Allah has already beautified.

9/ A brief intro of mehrim and non mehrims.

10, Submit to Allah even if the command makes sense or not, even if you like it or not. Talk about the utter submission of Prophet Ibrahim AS and how he earned the title of The Friend of Allah. make their hearts long to earn the same title.

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  1. very direct and sensibly written! all this to create awareness and logic behind a very important divine command that has somehow taken a backseat in our priorities.

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