NO worries, if there are no goats, cows and camels at home this Dhul Hijjah due to COVID 19, the month of Dhul HIjjah can still be a fun learning and emaan boosting month!

This reminds us that Eid ud Duha is not just about animals slaughter. It is more about whether we are ready to sacrifice things, habits that are dear to us for the sake of Allah. Is the love for Allah resides at top most level? Are we ready to give up on wasting time and do something productive and spiritual? are we eager to be HIS closest friend? Do we love him the most? Can we leave our bad habits to please Allah? Prophet Ibrahim AS was given trials no one can even imagine to have. He earned the title of khalil out of his utter submission, devotion and belief.

This time is ideal to retrospect and take actions towards building connection with Allah.


Hajj is such a difficult pillar to explain to the young kids. Even, I as s child thought to leave hajj topics for examinations. I could not remember the rituals or hajj sequence. I pledge to myself to make something fun loving and activity based so kids can enjoy learning and love with all their heart.

What we have been doing for the month of Dhul Hijjah?

  1. Revise Surah Fi’l

This Surah was revealed before the birth of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to remind people of the miracles of Allah. The witnessed how tiny Ababels destroyed the mighty elephants and Allah saved HIS house against the odds because for Allah nothing is impossible. They witnessed this miracle to be prepared to witness the birth of Last Prophet peace be upon him. We discussed about the condition of people as they were lost in many evils, and the biggest one was Shirk!

Things to do:

a, Read and learn the Surah.

b, Learn Arabic words for elephant, stone etc

c, Ponder over the name of Allah, Al Hafeedho. When Allah is by your side, nothing can harm you. Make dua, Allah be my Wali and Protector.

d, I wrote a poem. We recite and play with figures.

I am fi’l

I stomp my feet

I will go and destroy the Ka’bah

Abraha is my King

Abraha is my king

He ordered me to go and destroy the Ka’bah

Then what happened?

Allah sent the Ababeel up from the heaven

Each Ababeel had three pebbles

One is beak and two in claws

When Ababeel threw the pebbles

The mighty elephants laid on the ground

 Abraha was sad to see 

That all his mighty elephants

Are no longer good to go

This is how Allah saved His house

From the mischief of Abraha

Who ordered to destroy the Ka’bah


2, Learn about the history of Kabah

Since Hajj is about Kabah, talk in length about its construction. How Prophet Ibrahim AS along with his son, Prophet Ismael AS built the Kabah. Recite his dua. He supplicated to Allah to accept the Ibadah he has done. We believe that we have done good deeds, prayed our Salah and have done the other ibadahs but do we ever worry about them being accepted. What if our intentions were polluted, what if the ibadah did not have Khushoo, what is some crucial things were missing. Make a habit to recite this dua after every ibadah and good deed, this will also humble us that it is not our ibadah that will take us to Jannah but the favor of Allah to accept it from us.

Dua said by Ibrahim Alaihis Salam when building Kaaba | Words ...

3, Read the story of Prophet Ibrahim AS

He is our father in Islam. Everything root back to him. Hajj in particular is the Sunnah of him and his family. From Tawaf to Saee. Learn about the story behind of Zum Zum and baby Ismael AS. The Friend of Allah has the detailed story of Prophet Ibrahim AS.

4, Make a hajj model and play. Learn the rituals and sequence. ear about the importance and significance of each ritual. Recycle TP rolls, old boxes, can do origami, use clay anything convenient. The friend of Allah book has a story of Nine year old girl and her little brother. The narration of the girl will make the whole ritual of hajj interesting and easy to understand.The book has activities too.


The Friend of Allah – By Sarah Khan

5. The ten days of Dhul Hijjah are the favorite days of Allah Subhano Tallah. Spend them in doing things Allah loves.

Give charity

Do Dikhr

Pray Nafl Salah

Recite Takbeer!

Recite and learn Surahs from Quran

Ponder over few ayahs from Quran. We have taken ten words from Quran and will be looking out for ayahs about them and will have our Quran Halqah in sha Allah.

6, Make hajj board and/or Hajj wall. You can download hajj related words from The Islamic Bulletin Board. I will be adding Hajj rituals pictures at the end. You can download, print and laminate. Add magnetic base at the back, and tadaa magnetic board is ready with movable pictures.

PS Making hajj model, telling stories is meaningless when there is no learning and implementation of the lessons learn from these.

The aim is to follow the steps of Prophet Ibrahim AS. His life is a role model, His Tawakul in Allah, His love for Allah are the things we need to acquire.

Allah bless us all with Afiah and khair in everything. Allah make us those who follow the path of HIS Prophets. Allah forgive us all and make us from the inhabitants of Jannah Al Firdous. Ya Allah make us your beloved friend!

Hajj Rituals Printable

hajj ritual printouts Download here

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  1. Beautiful guidance
    Hope to follow the stuff mentioned to the maximum. My kids r 4 and 5.5, hopefully they’ll grasp bits of bit

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