Makkah- a desert

We started with revising the story of Prophet Ibrahim AS from birth till the trial of leaving his wife, Hajra and baby Ismael to a barren land.

That land was a desert, no food, no water, no life. How could a man possibly abandon his family? How can the wife with a small baby be steadfast on the command giving by Allah? The answer is simple to say but needs a lot of efforts to acquire- TAWAKUL!

Then we talked about desert in terms of land forms. 

Learning objects:

What is a desert?

What is an Oasis?

Which plant can survive in the desert and why?

Which animal is suited for desert live and why?

Who are the desert people?

Which animals are to be found in the desert?

Read about Rattle snakes and revised reptiles’s characteristics.

Where is Makkah on the world map?

Played the continents and revised about continents and how people from around the world visit Kabah- the house of Allah.

It is not Kabah that we worship but Allah whom We submit to.


Water is a blessing- Do not waste it

Kids had their imaginative time here where they pictured how difficult and tiring it is to get water from oasis in the scorching desert. How much easy our live is to just open the fridge and get cold water without any rigorous effort. We counted our blessings that we have a home which shelters us from sandstorms, heat, rain etc, a permanent place to live and constant supply of water for drinking and other uses. Thus we should be thankful and use water wisely even when making Wudu, even when there is surplus amount of water.

Wudu- ablution

Revised the four sunnahs of Wudu, 

Wudu sequence, recite the duas beofre and after wudu. 

What is dry ablution?

Revised hadith about the virtues of wudu. Imagine that bad deeds are falling off when you are making wudu, and the doors of Jannah are opening for you!

Stressed on not to waster water by keeping the tap off while making wudu, or use a bucket filled with water to make wudu.



Kids had their free time play with sand. They played with snakes, scorpions, made their stories. It was a mess at the end and I had to calm down because this is how learning occurs naturally, FREE PLAY!

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