Geography is the science of the Earth’s surface, its atmosphere and its features. It informs us about the planet we live in, what type of landmarks are there, countries, oceans, lakes, rivers, desert, planets on our planet and other continents. Geography is about the cultures and traditions, people and places of the continent.

We will explore two main aspects in geography: People and places. The two branches are physical geography and human geography.

  1. Physical Geography- examines the nature and environment. It also tells about the hazard of the natural disasters like floods, volcanic eruption etc.
  2. Human Geography- It is about the activities we do to interact with each other, the resources we use and waste,migration, concept of town, city etc

Eratosthenes (276–194 BC) was the first person who used the term ‘geography‘.

Eratosthenes is considered to be the ‘Father of Geography

The scientist was the first to draw a world map, he was a mathematician, astronomer and poet. He calculated the circumference of the world although people did not travel that far at that time (remember that the Americas or a route to India was not described at that time). Eratosthenes even calculated the tilt of the earth’s axis quite accurately.

We will be learning about Pakistan’s geographical features specifically:

We are reading these two urdu books from Book Group. Revised continents, practiced Pakistan’s map.




K2 is the highest mountain peak of Pakistan and second highest in the world.
It is located in the province of KP, Chitral, Karakorum range.

Mount Everest in the first highest mountain peak of the world.

For three years old:
Letter M tracing
Pictorial recognition of mountain

For older kids:
Sight words: mountain, peak, K2, Mount Everest
What is a peak?
What is a mountain?
K2 is in which province of Pakistan?

How do climbers climb?
Animals found in mountains?
The longest mountain range is Andes in South America
The highest mountain peak in the world is Mount Everest and second d highest is K2 which is located in Chitral, part of Karakoram range.
What is a range?
Mount birds
Ski lifts

Usborne Children pictorial atlas and printable resources from Imaan homeschool.

There was a boy named Faris. He loves to climb the mountains. One day, he sets off on a journey to climb the highest mountain peak of Pakistan that is K2. This Karakorum range is hard to climb because of its rocky ledges. He tried and tried but he could not reach further. He forgot some essentials things. Can you name them?

He forgot his shoes with grippers, rope and hook.

Who were the ones who couldn’t climb the mountains? From the Quran, someone from the stories of Surah Al Kahf.

And the answer is Gog and Magog (Yajooj majooj)
For this reason Allah will order Prophet ESA AS to climb up the mountains in the valley of Tour along with his followers. Because of their enormous number, believers won’t be able to fight with them.

Its #Friday, the blessed day

Will be discussing the whole story of Dhul qurnain and Yajooj majooj.

Halqah discussions:

1 The day of recurring, dooms day, the qiyamah, the day of judgement.
2 Arrival of Prophet ESA AS, dajjal, and Yajooj majooj.
3 Be kind when in power, and never be proud.
4 It is not always necessary to fight the battles, use wisdom and decide accordingly to the situation, at times you need to back off and find your place of solace and safety!


Picture recognition of Pond animals (young kids)

Have taken animals that live near pond.

Trace the animals. Ask the child to color, laminate and then cut them out. It will be cost effective and fun to learn

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