We did a lot of learning via play(related to this theme of farm animals).

What do you call the person who is on the farm?

What a farmer does?

Farming. Sowing and harvesting. Taking care of the farm animals.

I am a non living thing,
I am on the farm to scare the living things,
What am I?

Name farm animals?

Cow, Goat, Sheep, Hen, Duck, Turkey, Horse, Donkey, Pig etc

What do we get from the farm animals?

Milk, meat, labour. Milk is used to make butter and cheese.

Are they wild?
No they are not?

Are the carnivores?
No they eat plants and are herbivores.

Name two veggies which are grown underground?

Potato and carrots.

In the pond animals?

Duck, Fish, Turtle, Otter, Dragonfly, Frog, Snail.

Activities; (I am doing with my 3, 5 and 7 years old)

Match the words with pictures,
Write the beginning sound of the animals
Circle the beginning sound of the animal,
Write animals names,
Match the mother with their babies,
Riddles, guess who am I?
Pastel color drawings

Prepositions related to farm. Story of Doo Doo Duck who is looking for her eggs. Looks around, here and there, and finally find the eggs under her wings!

Have not spend a penny on the farm model. Have recycled old stuff only.

Story books:

Bedtime on the farm, Alex Eeles and Davide Ortu

Noisy farm read out story. Check youtube.

Farm Stencils book and coloring books

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