Every child is different,

Their interests differ

And they have their own way of learning, some are visual learners, some are kinesthetic or auditory.

But every child is skilled, they all are talented!

Teaching my youngest is a different from the rest two as she wants to write, read and learn things that her elders are doing. In order not to shun her curiosity and interest, I do give her the content that I am doing with the older ones.

With my 4 years old plus, we do not follow any strict routine or curriculum, themes or topics. I read her academic books, story books, and Prophet stories. We are learning short duas, hadith, short Surahs from juzz Amma. We enjoy our having Quran Halqahs. Coloring, painting, doing English blends, learning phonics, counting things, learning numbers, trying to learn Arabic letters and words too.

Learning is not just confined to books, copies, class rooms and study corners. Learning can happen any where, in kitchen while you are cooking, in bedroom while you are resting, while you are doing your chores. Learning just needs a mentor who is eager to cultivate the interest of the learner while enhancing the mind’s curiosity.

Happy environment

Positive reinforcement

Constant revisions


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