Y was curious about Electricity.

So we started with Energy..

Energy is like power which we need to do any work. Like for instance, if one is sick and low, has not eaten food then he or she will have no energy or power to work, run, and play.
An electronic toy will not work if there is no cell or if the cell has weakened its power to make the toy run.

Thus Energy is the key and we all need it!


Electrical energy is a type of energy which makes the electrical appliances work. Like if there is no electricity, AC, fridge, and television will not work.


Every single thing is made up of atom which is the building block. Like we build a house using legos. The small ones work as a building block.
Inside atoms there are tiny bits. Three friends named Proton, Electron and Neutron.

Each friend has a different personality and moods
#Protons are the happy ones, they are positive and carry a positive charge.
#Electrons are the rude ones and negative. They are not friendly and have the negative charge.
#Neutrons are neutral, they have no charge, no moods.

Protons and neutrons hug each other tightly and stay close together in the center. While electron moves alone outside and moves here and there easily.

#Opposite attracts
Positive charge will attract negative one. We talked about the reason why the new cell doesn’t work if we put the cell at wrong terminals. The spring side must have the flat side of the cell.

Discussed the natural and man made side of electricity.

Our brain use electrical energy to command other parts to do this and that. A system of nerves carry these signals.

Electric eek has got high voltage and it stuns and kills its prey using the stored electrical energy.

Thunders and lightning happens naturally and lightning can cause massive destruction.
Paired it with learning duas when there is thunder, lightning and rain. Ask for rain which is Rahma.

supplication upon hearing thunder #flashcards #islam | Islam for ...

Mentioned about Surah Ra’ad in Quran which means thunder.

Also will be doing the prevention to take when using electric appliances, when there is thunder, etc.

We are doing electricity these days and exploring the types of batteries, cells, plugs, and sockets around.

Discussing precautions to take around electrical appliances like
Not to touch switches with wet hands,
Not to unplug without switching off
Not to keep on charge for a long period of time etc.

What are the uses of electricity:
1. Cold water, freeze ice cream. FRIDGE
2. Iron clothes. IRON
3. Toast slice. TOASTER
4. Warm food. MICROWAVE
5. Wash clothes. WASHING MACHINE
6. Watch cartoons. TELEVISION

Electricity is a blessing and when it went off then the fans doesn’t work. During summers, fan is a biggest necessity. Alhumdulilah that we have fans and electricity for them to work.

We recite the dua when there is no electricity. It is a wonderful dua, recite this dua whenever a blessing is taken away. Like when a toy is broken, when a friend is angry and not talking, when some sweet is missing.

Umm Salamah, the wife of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to recite this dua after the demise of her first husband and she got the proposal from He peace be upon him. SubhanAllah. What a beautiful compensation for a loss.

Allah bless us with beautiful patience to bear the grief of losing people, things, positions, wealth, health, and relationships that are dear to us and grant us with the wonderful compensation in reward

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