Jannah- garden!

Tallked about what is Jannah, how can we attain it, how Adam and Eve AS were sent from heaven. Dunya is a prison for Mumin (hadith). We will be tested with trials. In this time of hour,: 1. We must not panic but focus on things that can take us to our home (Jannah). 2. […]

The key to Paradise is prayer -hadith

Every child is born on fitrah and the love of Allah is naturally instilled in the heart of every believer child and or adult.To be a practicing Muslim, one must believe and love Allah (the creator), Prophet Muhammad¬† peace be upon him, Angels. All of the parts of Aqa’id are to be believed in. The […]

The powerful erase!

A powerful eraser which erases each and every mark stain, this is the power of Astaghfar! Once upon a time, there lived a remarkable eraser. It will erase all sorts of marks from pencil scribbles to pen naughty marks.However, the erase has some set guidelines to be followed. All those who want to rub their […]

Minimalism? A way of deprivation or freedom!

Few days back I came across this word minimalism and it captivated my attention. I realized the materiel things we hoard makes us more confined as our central of attention, our priority all things revolve around the things. like for instance, if I quote my own example. I ma fond of organizing. The more things […]

The time of Iftar

For Ramadan, We will be doing a short talk daily. for the first day, We talked about the importance of the time of iftar. Watching television is a big no from the time of Asr to Maghrib. I told them about the incident when Prophet Musa AS asked Allah whether there is any other privileged […]