Directions game

Directions game Upward Backward Forward Downward Up and down Right and left (opposites in direction) We played blind fold and gave instructions to move and they had to guess what’s in the hands. Kids gave me slimy insect to detect and it was too yuck to touch it. GROSS! This is after long that we […]


Y was curious about Electricity. So we started with Energy.. Energy is like power which we need to do any work. Like for instance, if one is sick and low, has not eaten food then he or she will have no energy or power to work, run, and play. An electronic toy will not work […]

Grade 2- Resource planner

I will share my resource planner for grade 2. It is not necessary that my child will learn and master these all. I will be introducing the topics and see if the child is receptive and interested. Secondly, planning ahead saves time and give me direction to follow. Feel free to use but kindly do […]

Empty Nest Syndrome

When we talk about nurture and upbringing, we can not keep mothers particularly women as a separate commodity/entity. keeping this in mind, lets assume if someone has fever because of throat infection, what will the doctor cure first? throat infection or fever? Infection will be targeted which will simultaneously lower down the body temperature. What […]

What to do with kids in these ten days of Dhul hijjah?

                                  What can we do with kids in these blessed days of hajj? Create an ambiance of hajj with little bit decor (such as balloons, chart papers etc) because it will add value to the importance of these days […]

Halaqah Discussion- Backbiting

The two women who refrain from Halal but could not abstain from Haram! I was narrating this story to my kid. We talked about what Gheeba is. I can not forget the gross face he made knowing about their vomit Story of two women fasting during the lifetime of Allaah’s Messenger  

Time to heal and set your grudges free

Parenting is not an easy ride. It comes with all sort of bumps and challenges. Over these years of motherhood, I have learnt many things, different horizons of parenting and a variety of perspectives. You can not get an apple from the seed of Strawberry. Similarly, your child is a fusion of the behaviors he […]

The princess and the peas

The truth about Highly Sensitive People HSPs are often labelled as ‘drama queens’ or ‘pushovers’. Here’s what you need to know about them.     I feel too much Every word stabs Every action is fierce Every wound turns into a scar Every offense causes blues There are extremes – highs and lows The skin is […]

Teaching Empathy

My daughter seemed to be very cheerful when I overheard her talking to her best friend. They  were both happy because the top girl in their class had flunked the exams due to  her mother’s departure from this world. For a moment, my inner self was so furious to find my girl laughing at someone […]