Farm animals

We did a lot of learning via play(related to this theme of farm animals). What do you call the person who is on the farm? Farner What a farmer does? Farming. Sowing and harvesting. Taking care of the farm animals. I am a non living thing, I am on the farm to scare the living […]

How to make learning Hajj rituals fun?

Hajj Rituals- How to explain it to lil ones? Hajj word wall Places and rituals word wall Ihram– It is a special condition and just twp white sheets. In the state of ihram, few halal things become haram like cutting nails. Saee- Running between two hills safa and marwa seven times is called saee. Taqsir– […]

The Intention- Hajj 2020 (theme 3)

 Niyyah- Quality vs Quantity!   “If Migration is not done for the sake of Allah, it is not for Allah”,  said Islamic teacher. “It is all about intention,” he further added. Since then i assumed intention (niyyah) is for those who migrated. Islamiat studies in our schools, colleges, and universities are bookish, they are not […]

Geography of Pakistan

Geography is the science of the Earth’s surface, its atmosphere and its features. It informs us about the planet we live in, what type of landmarks are there, countries, oceans, lakes, rivers, desert, planets on our planet and other continents. Geography is about the cultures and traditions, people and places of the continent. We will […]

Every child is different

Every child is different, Their interests differ And they have their own way of learning, some are visual learners, some are kinesthetic or auditory. But every child is skilled, they all are talented! Teaching my youngest is a different from the rest two as she wants to write, read and learn things that her elders […]

Arabic- how and when to start?

There are many ways to start Arabic even when you don’t know the language yourself, there is always a way to learns and acquire. Age doesn’t limit learning, your will does. At around 12 am, my lil one was cranky so we grabbed some cards which we bought from Dawah book store published by flowers […]

Active vs Passive Learning

  The power of learning It is not necessary to be a teacher to know about this. Being a mother, you are a mentor by default and knowing about these will make your teaching smooth and extraordinary. There are two types of learning, passive and active. Passive learning is surface learning when nothing gets deep […]

Pre-School Learning

What and where to start from? I remember how much clueless I was with my first born when it was time to start Educational activities and learning. Time and experience have been my true mentors in the process. however, few things I have learnt can be generalized without being biased. Firstly, there is no hard […]