What is so special about these 10 days? Hajj 2020 (theme 5)

We will be having these duas for the first ten days of Dhul Hijaah. Will be revising them till we memorize them in sha Allah. Dua is the weapon of the believer. Guard yourself with the duas from the evil within and from the external sources. The calendars are from darussalam. We are humans and […]

Farm animals

We did a lot of learning via play(related to this theme of farm animals). What do you call the person who is on the farm? Farner What a farmer does? Farming. Sowing and harvesting. Taking care of the farm animals. I am a non living thing, I am on the farm to scare the living […]

How to make learning Hajj rituals fun?

Hajj Rituals- How to explain it to lil ones? Hajj word wall Places and rituals word wall Ihram– It is a special condition and just twp white sheets. In the state of ihram, few halal things become haram like cutting nails. Saee- Running between two hills safa and marwa seven times is called saee. Taqsir– […]

Quran Qaida

  Learn Arabic with fun! Quwaids are not difficult if practiced in a way which is engaing and consistent. #Ikhfa #Izhaar   Letter houses for better Mukhruj  

Surah Humazah- Quran Halqah

In this Surah, three categories of people will be thrown in Al hutamah: those who taunts, those who mock and are chugul khour, those who collects wealth and counts it. What is Alhutamah? It is the crusher Fire of Allah, fueled Pillars of fire with no window, no opening. Al-Hammaz refers to slander by speech, […]

Color of Allah- Subgut Allah

Allah Ka Rung! What does it mean to have the color of Allah? Once the dupatta is dyed with any other color, it will be the same colored one every time, everywhere. It won’t be white after the dye. Once you enter Islam, recite your shahada, follow Sunnah and make pledge to obey Allah and […]

Geography of Pakistan

Geography is the science of the Earth’s surface, its atmosphere and its features. It informs us about the planet we live in, what type of landmarks are there, countries, oceans, lakes, rivers, desert, planets on our planet and other continents. Geography is about the cultures and traditions, people and places of the continent. We will […]

Jannah- garden!

Tallked about what is Jannah, how can we attain it, how Adam and Eve AS were sent from heaven. Dunya is a prison for Mumin (hadith). We will be tested with trials. In this time of hour,: 1. We must not panic but focus on things that can take us to our home (Jannah). 2. […]

Hygiene- hand washing day

Cleanliness is only about outward hygiene? Can you be pure with dirty heart and bad thoughts? When it is about hygiene, it is all about, Washing hands Brushing teethes Healthy eating Bathing Keeping surroundings clean Cover while you sneeze and the list goes on.. But have you every reflected what being pure calls for? It […]

Marshmallow study-immediate or delayed gratification

Is your child focus on immediate gratification rule or is ready to enjoy more benefits by delaying the urge or need? Being a mother, we are also role playing many other roles in our child’s life. Let it be a care giver, a friend, a comfort provider, a doctor, a spiritual adviser, a mentor, a […]