What is so special about these 10 days? Hajj 2020 (theme 5)

We will be having these duas for the first ten days of Dhul Hijaah. Will be revising them till we memorize them in sha Allah. Dua is the weapon of the believer. Guard yourself with the duas from the evil within and from the external sources. The calendars are from darussalam. We are humans and […]

Hajj 2020 (theme 4)

Makkah- a desert We started with revising the story of Prophet Ibrahim AS from birth till the trial of leaving his wife, Hajra and baby Ismael to a barren land. That land was a desert, no food, no water, no life. How could a man possibly abandon his family? How can the wife with a […]

How to make learning Hajj rituals fun?

Hajj Rituals- How to explain it to lil ones? Hajj word wall Places and rituals word wall Ihram– It is a special condition and just twp white sheets. In the state of ihram, few halal things become haram like cutting nails. Saee- Running between two hills safa and marwa seven times is called saee. Taqsir– […]

The Intention- Hajj 2020 (theme 3)

 Niyyah- Quality vs Quantity!   “If Migration is not done for the sake of Allah, it is not for Allah”,  said Islamic teacher. “It is all about intention,” he further added. Since then i assumed intention (niyyah) is for those who migrated. Islamiat studies in our schools, colleges, and universities are bookish, they are not […]

Treaty of Hudaibiya (Hajj 2020- theme 2)

The treaty of Hudaybiyyah also known as Sulah Hudaibiya was one of the events that took place during the initial stages of Islam. It was a treaty between Madina, represented by Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Makkah, Quraish tribe on March 628 (as per Islamic date, Dhu Al Qudah 6th AH). Muslims were in Ihram, which means there […]

ZAMZAM (Hajj 2020- theme 1)

I thought of making hajj related activity pack for kids but could not execute the plan, Qadr Allah. I will be sharing the things we will be doing this year in sha Allah for hajj 2020. Story of zamzam  A classic story to tell how much dear Allah was to Prophet Ibrahim AS that he […]

Hajj for kids when COVID is here!

NO worries, if there are no goats, cows and camels at home this Dhul Hijjah due to COVID 19, the month of Dhul HIjjah can still be a fun learning and emaan boosting month! This reminds us that Eid ud Duha is not just about animals slaughter. It is more about whether we are ready […]

Prophet Ibrahim AS -The Friend Of Allah!

IBRAHIM -THE FRIEND OF ALLAH   Quran mentions Prophet Ibrahim AS as our father in faith. to him roots back all of our Islamic pillars. It is his legacy that we follow. Educating kids about his legacy and his story of utter submission is a must. I have made rough cards to give this story […]