EID UD DUHA learning

What is so special about these 10 days? Hajj 2020 (theme 5)

We will be having these duas for the first ten days of Dhul Hijaah. Will be revising them till we...
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learning Pre Schooling

Farm animals

We did a lot of learning via play(related to this theme of farm animals). What do you call the person...
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Hajj 2020 (theme 4)

Makkah- a desert We started with revising the story of Prophet Ibrahim AS from birth till the trial of leaving...
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EID UD DUHA learning Pre Schooling Stories of the Propehts Tarbiyaah

How to make learning Hajj rituals fun?

Hajj Rituals- How to explain it to lil ones? Hajj word wallPlaces and rituals word wallIhram- It is a special...
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Surah Mujadila

Allah has got your back Certainly has Allah heard the speech of the one who argues with you, [O Muhammad],...
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EID UD DUHA Motherhood Pre Schooling

The Intention- Hajj 2020 (theme 3)

 Niyyah- Quality vs Quantity!   "If Migration is not done for the sake of Allah, it is not for Allah", ...
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EID UD DUHA Inspirations Motherhood Stories of the Propehts Tarbiyaah Weekly Halaqah

Treaty of Hudaibiya (Hajj 2020- theme 2)

The treaty of Hudaybiyyah also known as Sulah Hudaibiya was one of the events that took place during the initial...
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EID UD DUHA Stories of the Propehts

ZAMZAM (Hajj 2020- theme 1)

I thought of making hajj related activity pack for kids but could not execute the plan, Qadr Allah. I will...
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Arabic learning Tarbiyaah

Quran Qaida

  Learn Arabic with fun! Quwaids are not difficult if practiced in a way which is engaing and consistent. #Ikhfa...
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Juz Amma learning Tarbiyaah Weekly Halaqah

Surah Humazah- Quran Halqah

In this Surah, three categories of people will be thrown in Al hutamah: those who taunts, those who mock and...
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learning Tarbiyaah Weekly Halaqah

Color of Allah- Subgut Allah

Allah Ka Rung! What does it mean to have the color of Allah? Once the dupatta is dyed with any...
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learning Pre Schooling Socail Studies Stories of the Propehts

Geography of Pakistan

Geography is the science of the Earth’s surface, its atmosphere and its features. It informs us about the planet we...
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EID UD DUHA Stories of the Propehts Tarbiyaah

Hajj for kids when COVID is here!

NO worries, if there are no goats, cows and camels at home this Dhul Hijjah due to COVID 19, the...
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Pre Schooling

Every child is different

Every child is different, Their interests differ And they have their own way of learning, some are visual learners, some...
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learning Science Weekly Halaqah

Jannah- garden!

Tallked about what is Jannah, how can we attain it, how Adam and Eve AS were sent from heaven. Dunya...
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Directions game

Directions game Upward Backward Forward Downward Up and down Right and left (opposites in direction) We played blind fold and...
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Y was curious about Electricity. So we started with Energy.. Energy is like power which we need to do any...
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Grade 2- Resource planner

I will share my resource planner for grade 2. It is not necessary that my child will learn and master...
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Tarbiyaah Weekly Halaqah

The key to Paradise is prayer -hadith

Every child is born on fitrah and the love of Allah is naturally instilled in the heart of every believer...
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Stories of the Propehts Tarbiyaah

The Prince of Egypt: Prophet Musa AS

Will be uploading the story of Musa AS and a board game to play. Trust me this will provoke their...
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