Halaqah Discussion- Backbiting

The two women who refrain from Halal but could not abstain from Haram! I was narrating this story to my kid. We talked about what Gheeba is. I can not forget the gross face he made knowing about their vomit Story of two women fasting during the lifetime of Allaah’s Messenger  

Time to heal and set your grudges free

Parenting is not an easy ride. It comes with all sort of bumps and challenges. Over these years of motherhood, I have learnt many things, different horizons of parenting and a variety of perspectives. You can not get an apple from the seed of Strawberry. Similarly, your child is a fusion of the behaviors he […]

Ramadan Lapbook

As the month of blessings is approaching. it is time to make our little buddies acquainted with some ramadan related vocabulary. With our younger toddlers, the need is to introduce ramadan and not to enforce any act of worship. Do not force them to pray, fast, and to stand for long qiyaams. Let their heart […]

I can do it!

In our psychology classes, we read about empowering kids. they feel good when they feel like they have accomplished. have you ever thought why do they take pride in connecting with heroic figures? because they want to feel super, of worth! Give them small tasks which they can carry out and give them a lot […]