The prophet peace be upon was going to his mimbar for khutbah. On his first step he said aameen, repeated twice on the other two steps. The Sahabah were curious to know the reason of this unusual act. The prophet peace be upon him replied that The angel jibrael asked me to say aameen on his curses of the following:

  1. He cursed the one to be away from the mercy of Allah who witness ramadan and yet is unable to get his sins forgiven by Allah,
  2. He cursed the same for the one who has his one or both parents in old age and did not honor them.
  3. The last unfortunate one is he who does not send salvation’s to Muhammad peace be upon him when his name is recited or heard.

This implies that the month of ramadan is of tremendous blessings and we must ask Allah for forgiveness with a promise of not repeating our mistakes again.


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