Amal e Hayat

Rabt ul qalb

        She stood by the river side watching the waves go by her eyes gave the impression of emptiness. It seemed that her whole world has come to halt. She concentrated one point of the river as if she is expecting something out of it. Weeks before her only beloved son was drown while trying to flee from the barbaric violence of army   soon she gazed something coming along with the wave. Her focus drifted and she slowly moved to pick it up with care she opened it and found a book. She rubbed the cover to drift mud The pages were untouched by water It felt so magical and unique On the cover page it stated…”​Be prepared for the magic it brings to your life

​ ” She hid it under her khimar and started to brisk walk towards home. Or rather a broken piece of mud and pillar they say home is a place of safety. But their homes depict destruction She secretly opened it up and the first thing It stated that the heart of the mother was fuadh. She read those words her heart skipped a beat. Was on fire the heart became fuadh and was empty a tear trickled down her eye As if the writer knows her inner heart felt emotions the book continues the army was patrolling to kill the baby and she was inspired to suck the baby so the baby can be at peace.

The danger did not end here She was inspired to put the baby in the basket and place it on the river. Her heart was emptied and she feared for the safety of her son. Her heart was overwhelmed but we soothed her, comforted she and the promise were made by the helper that the baby will be brought back to her, so grieve not. She believed the promise to be true and followed the plan and the order she was given though it seemed psychotic and illogical the basket floated and went to the palace where lived the tyrant king who ordered to kill them ale babies. The mother was emotionally weak and was about to tell the truth about the baby but the helper strengthen her heart and gave her courage to stand up to face such a difficult situation, Then the helper softened the heart of the king and he agreed to keep the baby and rise ho like a prince who would have been raised like a slave if would have been with his own biological mother Then the helper brings the mother back to the baby the baby refused to be sucked by any other woman. The plan which seemed so aimless turned out to be such a perfect one.. This is the story of the mother of prophet Musa AS and the helper was none But the Almighty Allah. The book is non-other but Quran which is filled with such amazing stories to which we can relate and learn from. Allah tested the mother to make her among those whose faith is remarkable. Allah never tests us to give us pain but he tests his most beloved ones. When face with circumstances and you feel that it is enough and you can no longer bear the pressure. Accept the fact that you are human and it is only the rabb who can give you courage to stand firm like he did give to ashab e kahf, to the mother of musa. She closed the book with sense of relief and smile She has now got the answers she was struggling to find Why me? Why Allah tested us with bloodshed and death of loved ones? Why we are to be tested with war and bullets? Blood and bombardments?

She now knew that saying la illah is easy but to live up to the notion is a real test. She now knows that the death is not an end but a beginning of new world. A point from where you are free from troubles and tests to enjoy as the lord is now going to compensate for every single ache, every single tear that the eye has shed She knows now that’s he is chosen one. A special A’bd of Allah Subhano Tallah the family is right up there enjoying in the lofty gardens of Jannah waiting for her to reunite soon in peace. We tend to plan our future ahead. We love to control and our obsession to put things into perspective  The planner is he who has given us life, he goes about his plan which may not seem logical to the human mind but in the end it is the best and he is the best disposer of our affairs. Hold on to the rope of Allah’s faith as his promise is true. His help is sooner or later is going to come, remember the time of badr when Muslims were in small number, were not even equipped yet they won as Allah send his aid in form of angels. Oh beautiful souls of Syria. Bear a little more as only a little is left…Allah’s aid is going to come soon

Don’t pity yourself, held up your head high!


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