The fives of RAMADAN

To all moms who value the nurture of their kid’s eemaan.

Here is the rational plan for this Ramadan because we all know that you care for the tarbiyah of your kids. How can you not educate about the month which has got tremendous value and blessings.

Make a plan

Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star

Don’t follow this quote here. The big plans will make your expectations high. The kids are small and you are fasting. The irrational plan will make you frustrated and kids will suffer with your temper issues. The end result will not be tarbiyah but a session full of nag and sarcasm. Don’t aim high. Think limited and stay focused.

I have decided to follow the rule of four. Each category of four

Stories Duas Surahs Hadiths Good deeds Names of Allah Sunah in





Week one:

Story: imam ibn Ahmed and the baker

This story about “Istighfar” is from the life of Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, who is considered as a renowned scholar of Islam and a famous theologian. Imam Ahmad is also considered to be the founder of the Hanbali school of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and is one of the most celebrated Sunni theologians, often referred to as the “Sheikh ul-Islam” or the “Imam of Ahl al-Sunnah.”

During his old age, while Imam Ahmad was travelling he stopped by a town. After the prayers, he wanted to stay for the night in the masjid yard because he didn’t know anyone in the town. Owing to his humility, he hadn’t introduced himself to anyone thinking that if he did, he would be welcomed by many people.Failing to recognize Ahmad bin Hanbal, the caretaker of the mosque refused to let him stay in the mosque. As Imam Ahmed was quite old, the caretaker had to drag him out of the mosque. On seeing this, a baker from a nearby place felt pity for this man (Imam Ahmad) and offered to be the host to him for the night. 

During his stay with the baker, Imam Ahmad observed that the baker would constantly recite Istighfar (seek forgiveness from Allah). Imam Ahmed asked the baker if the constant practice of saying Istighfar had any effect on him. The baker responded by telling Imam Ahmad that Allah had accepted all of his duas (supplications), except one. When he asked him what dua was it that hadn’t been accepted, the baker replied that he had been asking Allah to provide him the privilege to meet the famous scholar Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal.

On this, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal said that Allah had not only listened to his dua but had dragged him onto his (the baker’s) doorsteps.







   سبحان الله ؤبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

How perfect Allah is and I praise Him. How perfect Allah is, The Supreme




Surah to ponder

Surah feel

Supreme power is of Allah.

The mighty elephants were destroyed by little birds.

Allah removed harm, a way of Allah blessing you a gift.

Talk about the kabah

Who built it? Its significance.



تَهَادُوا تَحَابُّوا

Give gifts and you will love one another


 Good deed of the week

Make handmade card for relatives and or goody bags for friends.


Names of Allah

الْغَفَّار the great forgiver


Sunnah in action:

Be silent if you don’t like the food

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