The power of learning

It is not necessary to be a teacher to know about this. Being a mother, you are a mentor by default and knowing about these will make your teaching smooth and extraordinary.

There are two types of learning, passive and active. Passive learning is surface learning when nothing gets deep down into the level of understanding nor it is the part of your long term memory LTM. The student will tend to forget it in few hours. On contrary, the active learning is deep rooted and the meanings are absorbed. A student who is a passive learner will take notes, attend classes, read the text and that’s it. The active learner will question and explore his understanding. He is interested in grasping the information given.

How can you make a passive learner turn into an active learner?

  1. Have sound knowledge of what you teach. Albert Einstein said If you are unable to explain it to a kid then you need to learn it again to explain effectively.
  2. Try different methodology. Don’t be bookish always. Figure out what interests your student. Try games, quizzes, paintings etc.
  3. Create a competition among your students. Divide them in groups or houses. Create an urge to win and there you go.
  4. Try to integrate some hand on activities, puppet show, role play. This will open their minds to learning. The key is to make the topic appealing.
  5. Have colorful posters, flash cards to make learning more vigilant and attractive.
  6. Give them topics of their own interest and ask them to be a teacher for day. Give them space to present the topic in the way they want.
  7. Make mind maps, use memory aids, have discussions.
  8. Never frighten them to have high marks and or A grade. Teach them it is OK to make mistakes. Marks are not the only way of assessing ones capability and intelligence.
  9. Compliment them. The more positive remarks you give them and recognize their hard work in the class, the more they will be impelled to work harder. A negative label will destroy their perk of eagerness to learn.
  10. Have monthly shinny star. Give them badges and make them head of the subjects they excel in. ask them to pitch in ideas and events related to the subjected they are given.

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