My Mushuf My Pal

Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Yusuf in the valley of Valsassina. He had a lot of friends. They all used to play together around the cliffs and waterfall.



He was happy but he felt lonely even with friends. He tried to hang out with his friends, went to parties, danced, tried music too but his heart was always aching for a pain he didn’t understand.


One fine day, his mother asked him the reason of his sad face and dull eyes. He poured his heart out and his mother was worried.

The next day, Yusuf was taken to a known doctor and he asked to go for so many tests. His nutritional levels were monitored, blood tests were done.

His reports all appeared to be fine.

His dullness and inactivity prevails and he was not happy with anything around.

Their house started to seem dark and gloomy. They all were sad.

Few days later, an old friend visited them. The moment he stepped in he noticed something is wrong the house and the family.

He waited for the right time to speak to them.

The other day, he called all of them and said:

“I have something very important to say. I have the cure for your sadness, loneliness, and restlessness.”

They all were excited to know the cure.

He said: “this house lacks peace and happiness because of staying away from this”

He then handed over something which was covered in a silk cloth nicely.

The parents opened it with care and found it to be a mushuf.

For a moment they paused and then wept silently.

Yusuf was having many questions. He had never seen the sort of book they were holding. He was thinking about the reaction his parents had.

He asked his parents to hand over him the book.

‘’The book cannot be touched like this. It is sacred. Come here and let’s purify ourselves”, Said the friend.

Yusuf followed him blindly and modeled him washing different parts of body in a sequence thrice.

“The book has answers to all questions. Close your eyes and think in your head, what to do you want to know.” Said the friend.

Yusuf framed the question about his state of restlessness and how to cure it. He then opened the page randomly.

His eyes were shocked to see, he read it again and again in astonishment.

“The book is talking, it is talking, it hears me,” he was screaming.

The book stated, “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace.”

The friend congratulated him with a smile. He has discovered the cure for their sad life.

He said let me tell you about it more.

He continued, “You know we all have friends, best ones who are there for us all the time but you cannot guarantee that they will be there forever.”

Yusuf nodded

You know kid a time will come when we all will be standing in front of the creator. Answering about our actions and knowing about our place. We would be sweating.

We all will be worried about our own selves. No friends will be there to hold our hand, nor even our family. No one would be able to intervene between us and Allah.

Then there will be a handsome man who will approach us and will ask Allah to forgive us. He will be the one who will talk for us. You know who that man will be?

Yusuf said no

“That will be your mushuf, you pal.”

The more you engage and connect with it here. The strong will be the bond. It will not leave you alone. Will not let you feel low and lonely. It will be with you in the grave and it will stand and speak for you to the creator of all the worlds and universe.

No matter what you have. If you don’t have the friendship with Quran, You have nothing.

Yusuf smiled with all his heart with an aim to follow.

He took mushuf in hand and was going out.

His father asked:

“Still going out to friends knowing who the real one is?”

He said, “Going out to make this one a real friend to all. It is not to keep secret but to spread generously.”











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