Arabic- how and when to start?

There are many ways to start Arabic even when you don’t know the language yourself, there is always a way to learns and acquire. Age doesn’t limit learning, your will does.

At around 12 am, my lil one was cranky so we grabbed some cards which we bought from Dawah book store published by flowers of Islam. The cards are vivid and catchy from the little eyes. Arabic is a language which we have confined just to Quran. It is not common here as there are no native speakers around.Arabic is the word of Allah and language of Jannah, my focus has always been on acquiring this language and make it familiar. When she was one years old, we started pointing at objects and naming it in Arabic out loud. This will increase the word association and thus vocabulary will be enriched.

Start with Arabic letters:

  • I watched this video by Sana Dossul and this is such an amazing video. We made four houses on paper, white board etc. Start with lip house, say there are four letters living in this house. Watch her videos and follow her. She is an amazing teacher. I believe that forcing kids to learn qiada (arabic letters, harakkat) is not a good idea. This should be fun filled. Read from the Qiada along too. Start with tawwuz and tasmia. Her letters picinic party is fabulous too to teach about the harakaats.

  • Arabic cards for vocabulary:

If you find the below mentioned links costly then just grab hard stock colored sheets and write and draw with permanent broad markers. laminate them and you are good to go.

  • Make colorful posters and stick them around where kids can easily see them. like days of the week, seasons, arabic numbers from one to ten. Sing along arabic nasheeds

Don’t bombard with these videos all day because the child will be bored to watch this and the educational motive behind playing these videos will be lost. play twice a day with gap in between. I did this with my older one and he was so reluctant to watch these in later years.


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