The truth about Highly Sensitive People

HSPs are often labelled as ‘drama queens’ or ‘pushovers’. Here’s what you need to know about them I feel too much Every word stabs Every action is fierce Every wound turns into a scar Every offense causes blues There are extremes – highs and lows The skin is thin; the nerves raw Crying is my outlet, […]

Good in public, nasty in priavte

When we treat someone badly in the privacy of our homes, Allah is listening “You know what our beloved Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said about rights of wives … ” She raised her eyebrows as now the ball was in his court. She continued: “‘The best among you is the one who is best […]

Active vs Passive Learning

  The power of learning It is not necessary to be a teacher to know about this. Being a mother, you are a mentor by default and knowing about these will make your teaching smooth and extraordinary. There are two types of learning, passive and active. Passive learning is surface learning when nothing gets deep […]

Amal e Hayat (Hope of life)

  Amal e Hayat Rabt ul qalb         She stood by the river side watching the waves go by her eyes gave the impression of emptiness. It seemed that her whole world has come to halt. She concentrated one point of the river as if she is expecting something out of it. Weeks before her […]

Pre-School Learning

What and where to start from? I remember how much clueless I was with my first born when it was time to start Educational activities and learning. Time and experience have been my true mentors in the process. however, few things I have learnt can be generalized without being biased. Firstly, there is no hard […]